Once upon a time. These four simple words cast a powerful spell for, upon their utterance, we become aware of another kind of magic; the compelling power of stories. I am an illustrator and my work is inspired by stories. Words and narrative have always had a strong influence on my images. Since I was small, my sister and I, fancying ourselves Tolkien, would draw in detail the people and places of epic stories we'd created for ourselves. We could be lost for hours, sitting side by side in bed with our paper and pencils resting on hardback books pressed across our laps. These days my illustrations are produced from a hilly landscape of art materials on an old dining table and are more closely based on fairytales, the natural world and literary classics but, along the way, I've retained that intimate relationship between word and image. 

     In my work I use a mixture of watercolour, pencil, pen and ink, collage and etching to produce a range of unique prints, one-off pieces, cards, colouring-in books and home ware. My commissioned work has included book illustration, animation and set design. 

     I am available for commission. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, find me on facebook, twitter and pinterest (links can be found on this website). Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.